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Friday, October 1, 2010

Netflix Fail!

At our End-Of-Summer-LINDA-Party, my group of friends and I were watching some episode on Netflix. We were bored so we decided to read the summaries that Netflix had provided. We notice two major problems.

1. The people (or person) that writes the summaries for Doctor Who OBVIOUSLY has never seen the show. The writer referes to the Doctor as "Doctor Who." As in Mr. Who, who is a doctor. Because of this, they also just use his last time, meaning that htye refer to him as "Who."

2. The description for the season 3 finale. It is just a fail:

"Martha and Doctor Who's worst fears come to pass when the evil Master seizes control of Earth, reigns with an iron fist and imprisons Who -- leaving the fate of the world, time and space in Martha's tiny hands."

They are referring to the Doctor as "Who," but the best line. Ever. Is 'leaving the date of the world, time and space in Martha's tiny hands." Since when does Martha have tiny hands??? I was never aware of this fact. We actually looked at a picture of Martha and she has perfectly sized hands.

But when they said "tiny hands" all we could think about is the SNL skit about the The Lawrence Welk Show and the character with the baby doll hands. So Hannah and I made this wonderful picture:

Hope you enjoyed our fun with the Netflix fail!!
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of Summer LINDA

About half of you that read this blog watch Doctor Who and are in my club, LINDA. And i just wanted to write about our end of summer LINDA party.

First of all, the party was great! Thanks to everyone that came! We had TARDIS cookies that Hannah and I made. And Tess brought some gummy bears from Germany. We laughing and we talked and we had fun!

Specifically, thank you to Hannah for helping me make the cookies! It was a ton of fun! Also, thanks for dealing with all of my Doctor Who jokes, can't wait until we get to make our own!

Thank you to Amelia, for being my awesome film and TV friend. It was about time that you became a full dork and watched Doctor Who!!! I look forward to talking about the plot twists that will undoubtedly come up in season 6!!

And thank you to Sam, for coming to all of the meetings even though he was almost always the only guy and the oldest one there. Thank you for being a great friend and for being there when I needed someone. Hope you have a great time at college!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Doctor Who Watchers

In the past few weeks i have turned a few of my friends into "Whovians."

One was Hannah (my best friend). I asked if she would be done with the last season soon and she said "I can watch the whole season in a week. Just watch me." And trust me, she will. She watched her first episode while we were sitting in a waiting room where we volunteer. She fell in love with the Doctors. I have enjoyed listening to all of her reactions to the episodes, though I have had to watch what i say so that i don't spoil something for her.

My other friend has only watched one or two episodes, though she enjoys it.

If you are a Whovian, show other people the wonderful show!!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Davies vs. Moffat

In the war between Russel T. Davies and Stephen Moffat, i would like to say that I am a Moffat fan.

For one, in the first series, the first really good episode (Are you my mummy?) was written by, you guessed it, Stephen Moffat!

Also, a friend of mine went to the Minneapolis Convention and she went to one of the panels where they were talking about Davies vs. Moffat. Even people who worked with him said that he didn't really plan out his plot lines. Apparently he hadn't even decided what "Bad Wolf" was until about three episodes before the finale.

On the other hand, Moffat plans out his plot line, like a true author should. In fact, in the finale (look out, SPOILERS), they show that the doctor came back wearing a different jacket in one of the Angel episodes. Now, if i had noticed that I would have just thought that it was a continuity problem. But no! Alas, it was Moffat working his genius on another plot twist! As it turns out the Doctor from the future went back to visit Amy in order to jog her memory! See, would Davies have ever come up with that? NO!

As my friends and I say, Davies can go die in his plot holes!
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Season Finale-- "SPOILERS!!!!"

If you haven't seen the finale of season 5, for your own good, PLEASE DON"T READ THIS!

This season has been one of the most amazing, epic and completely perfect seasons I have ever seen, and I have seen all of the seasons :) Matt Smith was AMAZING! The writing (thank you Stephen Moffat!) was AMAZING! Amy was AMAZING! It was perfect! just perfect!

So, considering that if you have gotten this far in reading you must have watched the episode, or you are just so captivated by my writing (ha!) that you can't stop reading even though i have already warned you that I am going to talk about the episode specifically! Oh well, i warned you!

The idea of it all revolving around Amy was, like i have said before, AMAZING! I loved that fact that Rory was one of the soldiers even if he did eventually kill her... though not completely... whatever, technicalities. Also, the fact that he waited for her, was possibly one of the sweetest things I've ever heard! But, one problem with that... Is he going to age? So far he hasn't, but has he gone back to being his human self, or is he never going to age, therefor causing a SLIGHT problem for Amy and future (possible) children.

One of my favorite things in the entire episode(s) was "Something old, Something new. Something borrowed, and something blue" It was perfect, absolutely perfect. The second I saw Riversong's diary, i knew what they were going to do. One thing though, is the TARDIS actually borrowed (stolen) or was the Doctor only saying that so that it would make sense so that she could "remember"?? Because i always thought that the Doctor and the TARDIS had a special relationship, one probably not started by the Doctor borrowing (stealing) the TARDIS from another Time-Lord... Hmmm...

I've already started to think about what they are going to do for the Christmas special (do we really have to wait THAT long?)! I mean, they've already tied up all the loose ends! What on Earth, or in other universes, are they going to do!?

Can't wait to watch and blog!
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New Blog

I finally found the time to organize my blog so that i have my personal blog (Whimsy) and then my separate Doctor Who blog.

Doctor Who:


Hope you all subscribe to Whimsy as well as my Doctor Who!
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I might be changing blogs. A friend of mine wants to redo my blog to make it "pretty-full." I also want to make one blog for my blog posts and one for actual doctor who posts!! More word on that!

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